Which Choice Is Best Of Gildan Vs Bella Canvas?

Ricardo Seco 11 Nov, 2023 Blog

In the ever-evolving world of casual wear, the debate between Gildan vs Bella Canvas continues to capture the attention of both consumers and businesses alike. As two leading providers of quality blank tees, they command a significant portion of the market, especially in the realm of print-on-demand services. The question, however, remains: which brand stands out in terms of quality? Which one is more suited for screen printing? When should you opt for Gildan, and when does Bella Canvas become the better choice? Let’s learn more about this issue through the article below with Ricardo Seco Shop

Brand history and reputation about Gildan vs Bella Canvas

Gildan and Bella Canvas, two titans in the apparel industry, each bring their unique histories and strengths to the table, offering a diverse range of options for consumers and businesses alike.


With its roots going back to 1984 in Canada, has evolved into a powerhouse in the global apparel market. Over the years, the brand has honed its craft, specializing in a wide array of clothing items, with a particular emphasis on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and socks. Known for its durability, comfort, and affordability, Gildan has become a popular choice for custom printing needs, catering to a broad audience seeking quality without breaking the bank. The brand’s commitment to delivering robust and reliable apparel has solidified its position as a dependable supplier in the international arena.

Bella Canvas

Entered the scene in 1992 and quickly established itself as a brand synonymous with premium quality and contemporary style. Operating out of Los Angeles, Bella Canvas has made a significant impact with its fashion-forward approach, focusing on producing garments that are not only high in quality but also soft to the touch and stylish in appearance. The brand stands out for its dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, resonating strongly with a growing demographic of environmentally conscious consumers. This commitment to sustainability, coupled with its chic and modern designs, has helped Bella Canvas carve out a distinct niche in the competitive world of apparel.

The reputations of Gildan and Bella Canvas in the market are a testament to their respective specializations. Gildan’s appeal lies in its ability to provide durable and affordable options, making it an excellent choice for bulk orders and custom printing projects. In contrast, Bella Canvas appeals to those seeking a blend of style, quality, and sustainability. The choice between the two, therefore, hinges on the specific needs, preferences, and values of the customer, be it the cost-effectiveness and utility of Gildan or the premium, eco-conscious offerings of Bella Canvas.

Quality comparison 

When evaluating the material quality of Gildan and Bella Canvas, it’s clear that each brand has carved out its niche with distinct strengths.


Gildan is renowned for its use of heavier, thicker cotton in its products, a choice that directly contributes to the apparel’s durability and robustness. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for items intended for more demanding use or environments where clothing undergoes frequent wear and tear. The substantial nature of Gildan’s fabric ensures that their garments can withstand repeated washing and usage, making them a preferred choice for those who prioritize longevity and sturdiness in their apparel. This quality is especially relevant for items like workwear or merchandise meant to last through numerous events and activities.

Bella Canvas

On the flip side, Bella Canvas opts for a lighter, ring-spun cotton, which imparts a softer, more refined feel to their garments. This choice of fabric endows Bella Canvas products with a sense of luxury and high quality, setting them apart in the realm of casual and fashion-forward apparel. While Bella Canvas items may not boast the rugged durability of Gildan’s, they still exhibit commendable performance in wear and tear. Their products are designed to maintain shape and color fidelity over time, even with regular washing, making them a solid choice for those seeking a balance between durability and style.

Comfort and fit are other critical aspects where Bella Canvas generally outshines its competitor. Leveraging the softness of ring-spun cotton and incorporating tailored cuts, Bella Canvas garments are known for their exceptional comfort and flattering fit. The brand’s focus on modern, fitted designs appeals to a demographic looking for stylish, contemporary clothing that complements their physique. In contrast, Gildan offers a more relaxed, loose fit that caters to a wide range of body types and is particularly suitable for casual and sportswear. This relaxed fit is a significant factor in Gildan’s popularity among customers who prefer comfort and ease of movement in their clothing.

In summary, Gildan and Bella Canvas each bring unique strengths to the table: Gildan with its durable, thick cotton build, ideal for longevity and rougher use, and Bella Canvas with its softer, ring-spun cotton and stylish cuts, perfect for those seeking comfort with a modern aesthetic. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the consumer’s specific needs, whether they prioritize durability and a relaxed fit or softness and a more tailored appearance.

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Style comparison

When delving into the diversity of designs and color options offered by Gildan and Bella Canvas, it’s evident that both brands have made significant efforts to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.


Gildan stands out for its expansive color palette, offering a rich array of shades across its product range. This variety enables a high degree of customization, making Gildan a preferred choice for those seeking specific colors, be it for individual use, team uniforms, or event merchandise. From bright, eye-catching hues to more subdued, classic tones, Gildan’s spectrum of colors ensures that almost every preference is catered to.

Bella Canvas

In a similar vein, Bella Canvas also boasts a diverse palette, yet their approach to color selection is noticeably more contemporary. They tend to offer colors that are on-trend, reflecting the brand’s commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion. This focus on modern, style-conscious shades aligns with their overall brand ethos of offering fashion-forward and stylish designs.

In summary, Gildan and Bella Canvas both offer a wide range of colors and designs, each aligning with their brand ethos. Gildan’s broad color spectrum and classic designs offer versatility and broad appeal, while Bella Canvas’s trend-focused colors and modern styles cater to those looking for fashion-forward apparel. This distinction in approach underscores the diverse needs and preferences of their respective consumer bases.

Price comparison

The pricing strategies of Gildan and Bella Canvas distinctly reflect their brand positioning and target audiences, providing insight into the value each brand offers.

Gildan is renowned for its budget-friendly approach, with the majority of its popular products falling within the $3 to $10 range. This affordable pricing structure makes Gildan an attractive choice for a variety of bulk purchases, such as for marketing events, team uniforms, or large-scale printing projects. The combination of reasonable prices and durable, versatile products has cemented Gildan’s reputation as a brand that delivers excellent value for money, particularly for those seeking practical, functional apparel without a hefty price tag.

Conversely, Bella Canvas aligns its pricing with its fashionable brand image, typically positioning its popular products in the $6 to $15 bracket. This higher price range reflects the brand’s commitment to providing trend-conscious designs and superior fabric quality. Bella Canvas targets consumers who are willing to invest a bit more for high-quality, stylish garments that resonate with contemporary fashion trends. While Bella Canvas is pricier than Gildan, its pricing is justified by the premium experience it offers, making it a preferred choice for fashion-forward consumers and those who prioritize style and sustainability.

In terms of value for money, both brands stand out for different reasons. Gildan offers great value through its robust, cost-effective products, making it a reliable option for practical wear and functional needs. Its appeal lies in the combination of affordability, durability, and versatility. On the other hand, Bella Canvas provides value through its high-quality, fashionably designed products, catering to a clientele that values style, comfort, and a modern aesthetic.

Performance for Printing

When it comes to screen printing and customization, both Gildan and Bella Canvas perform well, yet each offers distinct advantages.

Gildan’s thick, heavy-duty fabric provides an excellent canvas for screen printing. The cotton holds ink color wonderfully, allowing for vibrant and lasting prints. The durability also means prints maintain their integrity through repeated wash and wear. For these reasons, Gildan has become a preferred option for bulk printing jobs such as promotional merchandise, team apparel, or event goods.

Bella Canvas is no slouch either when it comes to printing capabilities. The smooth, tight weave of its ring-spun fabric allows for great ink absorption and retention. The prints may not pop quite as vividly as on Gildan, but the colors still maintain well with washing. Where Bella Canvas excels is printing photographic and photorealistic designs. The fabric texture captures fine detail and gradients beautifully. For this reason, it tends to be the choice for more stylistic and fashion-oriented prints.

So for vibrant, durable large scale prints, Gildan carries the edge. But for photographic prints or capturing a stylistic aesthetic, Bella Canvas stands out as the superior choice.

Sourcing and Ethics

With sustainability becoming an increasingly important consideration for consumers, understanding the ethics and impacts behind a garment’s production has become pivotal. Here too, Gildan and Bella Canvas adopt distinct approaches.

Gildan has made strides in recent years to improve oversight into its complex, globalized supply chains. The company actively works to monitor for fair labor practices and environmental impacts through third-party auditing. However, some critics argue there is still room for improvement in supply chain transparency.

Comparatively, Bella Canvas has taken a leadership role through its localized, transparent supply chain centered in its Los Angeles facility. The company oversees every step of production through a vertically integrated model. This approach allows for exceptional quality control and working conditions. Bella Canvas uses eco-conscious dyes and maintains a competitive wage for its workforce. For these reasons, it has become the gold standard for ethical, sustainable apparel production.

So while both brands demonstrate some commitment toward responsible sourcing, Bella Canvas goes further to provide full supply chain visibility paired with sustainable practices. For the eco-conscious consumer, it is certainly the frontrunner.

In the Gildan vs Bella Canvas debate, each brand offers unique advantages. Gildan excels in affordability and durability, ideal for practical uses, while Bella Canvas shines with its fashionable, high-quality designs. For those seeking a blend of style and practicality, explore Ricardo Seco’s collection. We invite you to visit our website to discover a range of T-shirts and gather more useful information, helping you make an informed choice between these two esteemed brands.