Netflix Ends Quarterly Subscriber Reports by 2025

Ricardo Seco 19 Apr, 2024 Blog

At Netflix, the pursuit of success goes beyond love; it’s about a strategic evolution. With a staggering 9.3 million subscribers added in the first quarter of the year, the streaming giant made headlines. However, alongside this triumph came a surprising revelation: Netflix will cease sharing quarterly membership numbers starting in 2025. Let’s delve into this bold move and its implications for the company.

Shifting Priorities – From Memberships to Revenue

“In our early days, membership growth was a strong indicator of our potential. But now, as we generate substantial profit and free cash flow, memberships are just one component of our growth,” a letter to shareholders revealed. This statement reflects a fundamental shift in Netflix’s perspective. With the development of new revenue streams like advertising and additional member features, the company’s focus is expanding beyond sheer membership numbers.

Netflix isn’t just reevaluating its reporting of membership numbers; it’s also rethinking its metrics. Another key metric, Average Revenue per Membership (ARM), will be left off reports in 2025. Co-CEO Greg Peters emphasized this as a better approach that aligns with the company’s evolving priorities, highlighting a transition from member growth to revenue and profit.

A journey through subscriber growth

Netflix’s journey through subscriber growth has been a rollercoaster ride. Despite enjoying steady growth for years, the company faced setbacks in 2022, losing 200,000 subscribers at the start of the year, followed by nearly a million more by July. However, a strategic pivot towards a cheaper, ad-supported plan resulted in a net gain of almost 9 million subscribers by the end of 2022.

Subscriber growth rebounded in 2023, with Netflix adding another 13.1 million subscribers by the year’s end. This growth occurred alongside initiatives to combat password sharing and price hikes for certain customers. The momentum continued into 2024, with an additional 9.3 million subscribers added in the first quarter, according to the latest earnings report.

Co-CEO Ted Sarandos emphasized the importance of engagement as a key indicator of member satisfaction. “Happy members watch more, they stick around longer, they tell friends, which all grows engagement, revenue, and profit — our north stars,” Sarandos explained. This focus on engagement underscores Netflix’s commitment to delivering content that resonates with its audience.

Beyond Streaming – Ventures into Live Sports

Netflix is expanding its horizons beyond traditional streaming content. The company has secured rights to begin airing WWE Raw in 2025 and will exclusively broadcast social media star Jake Paul’s boxing match with Mike Tyson in July. These ventures into live sports represent a new frontier for Netflix as it continues to diversify its offerings.

Despite its successes, Netflix faces challenges, including recent reports of expected layoffs as the company reorganizes its film department. However, these challenges are met with resilience and adaptability as Netflix continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of streaming entertainment.


Netflix’s decision to stop reporting quarterly membership numbers marks a significant shift in its approach to growth and metrics. As the company expands its focus beyond sheer subscriber numbers, it embraces new revenue streams, prioritizes engagement, and ventures into new territories like live sports. With a commitment to innovation and adaptation, Netflix continues to lead the way in the streaming industry, guided by a vision that transcends blind love.

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