Next Level vs Bella Canvas: 5 T-Shirts Compared

Ricardo Seco 17 Oct, 2023 Blog

The world of t-shirts is vast, and if you’re into fashion or the business of printing, you’re probably familiar with the age-old debate: Next Level vs Bella Canvas. Both brands have carved a niche for themselves, offering unique styles and fits that resonate with a broad audience. But when it comes down to brass tacks, which one stands out? This blog post aims to answer that very question.

Next Level vs Bella Canvas: Icons in Blank Apparel Branding

In the arena of blank apparel, two names stand tall: Next Level vs Bella Canvas. As brands, both have successfully captured a significant portion of the market, offering high-quality, stylish, and excellently-fitted shirts. These are not just ordinary shirts; they are designed for those with a discerning taste, perfect for retail sales, company branding, and daily wear.

The rise to prominence of both these brands came in an era that saw American Apparel revolutionize the notion of premium, fashionable t-shirt styles tailored for custom printing. When the market echoed a demand for more cost-effective alternatives, especially for bulk orders, Bella+Canvas and Next Level rose to the challenge, cementing their place in the apparel industry.

Next Level: The Vanguard of Premium Blank Apparel

Claiming the title of the premier wholesaler in premium blank apparel, Next Level has always been a brand synonymous with quality and style. With a rich catalog that boasts over 100 meticulously designed products, they’ve shown their prowess in creating t-shirts that resonate with the modern consumer.

bella canvas vs next level

The brand’s journey began in the bustling city of Los Angeles in 2003. Their debut into the market was nothing short of revolutionary, introducing the 6200 Unisex Festival Tee, a unique blend of 65% polyester and 35% combed ring-spun cotton. This innovation was only the beginning.

By 2010, Next Level continued to break the mold. They introduced the market to its first-ever CVC tees in wholesale, as well as the game-changing “sueded” tee. With time, their range expanded to include popular collections such as Inspired Dye, Fleece, Eco, and Festival, each reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and style.

However, what truly underscores Next Level’s adaptive and responsive nature as a brand was its move in 2020. Amidst the pandemic, when the world was grappling with unprecedented challenges, Next Level swiftly pivoted its strategy. They became the leading wholesaler of face masks, highlighting their ability to respond to market needs while ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers.

Bella+Canvas: Leading with Innovation and Quality

Bella+Canvas has firmly positioned itself as a leader in premium blank apparel. What sets them apart is their exclusive use of airlume cotton. This isn’t just any cotton; it’s cleaner with fewer stray fibers, environmentally conscious, and offers an unmatched feel to the wearer. The brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in their materials and construction methods, particularly their insistence on side-seamed garments, which ensures a better fit and contour to the body.

best next level t-shirt

But Bella+Canvas is not just about creating the perfect t-shirt. Their journey began in 1992, not in a lavish corporate setting, but rather in a humble garage. Two visionaries started with a dream of printing T-shirts. Recognizing a gap in the market, especially for women’s apparel, they initiated ‘Bella’.

It didn’t take long for them to expand their vision, adding men’s styles to their repertoire and rebranding as Bella+Canvas in 2002. From those modest beginnings, the brand has grown exponentially, becoming a beacon of innovation and quality in the blank apparel space.

Next Level vs Bella Canvas Tees: A Detailed Comparison

When diving into the world of premium tees, Next Level vs Bella Canvas are undeniably at the forefront. But how do these tees stack up when pitted against each other? Let’s dissect their offerings based on fit, construction quality, softness, cut, and overall comfort.

100% Cotton: Next Level 3600 vs Bella+Canvas 3001c

For many, the touch and feel of 100% cotton are unparalleled. It’s a fabric that screams natural comfort. Soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic, cotton stands as a universal favorite. Its texture is not just gentle on the skin but also provides an ideal canvas for various printing methods, making it a go-to for designers and brands alike.

Next Level 3600 vs Bella+Canvas 3001c

At the core of their offerings in the 100% cotton category, both Bella+Canvas’s 3001c and Next Level’s 3600 come with some impressive shared features:

  • Weight: Both t-shirts are on the lightweight spectrum. Bella+Canvas 3001c weighs in at 4.2 oz, while the Next Level 3600 is marginally heavier at 4.3 oz. This weight ensures the tees remain breathable and comfortable, especially during warmer months.
  • Fabric: The use of combed ring-spun cotton, specifically 32 singles, is a commonality. This choice of fabric plays a pivotal role in imparting an exceptional softness to the tees.
  • Preparation: Both tees are pre-shrunk, ensuring that they maintain their size and shape even after multiple washes.
  • Construction Details: Attention to detail is evident in both these tees. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping is a shared feature, reinforcing the garment’s structure and ensuring it drapes well on the wearer.

Poly/Cotton Blend: Next Level 620 vs Bella+Canvas 3650

Poly/cotton blends bring forth a synergy of cotton’s breathability with polyester’s resilience. The resultant fabric not only feels lighter on the skin but also boasts moisture-wicking capabilities, making it a prime choice for those sizzling summer days when comfort is paramount.

Next Level 620 vs Bella+Canvas 3650

Bella+Canvas’s 3650 and Next Level’s 6200, while unique in their brand identity, share several attributes in the realm of poly/cotton blend tees:

  • Weight: A testament to their commitment to comfort, both tees are designed to be featherlight. The Bella+Canvas 3650 weighs in at 3.6 oz, while the Next Level 6200 is slightly lighter at 3.5 oz. This ensures that the wearer experiences maximum breathability and ease.
  • Fabric Fineness: With a fabric rating of 40 singles, both shirts promise extreme softness. This means the yarns are finer, resulting in a tighter weave and a smoother, softer surface that feels luxurious against the skin.
  • Construction Details: Shoulder-to-shoulder taping is a shared feature, reinforcing the garment’s structure, ensuring it contours gracefully to the wearer.
  • Added Comfort: Tear-away tags in both these tees underscore the brands’ understanding of wearer comfort, eliminating any potential irritants.
  • Pre-Treatment: Both tees are pre-laundered, a step that drastically reduces the potential for shrinkage, ensuring that the fit remains consistent even after multiple wash cycles.

Tri-Blend: Next Level 6010 vs Bella+Canvas 3413c

Tri-blends have gained immense popularity owing to their unique composition: the natural softness of cotton, the durability of polyester, and the luxurious drape of rayon. This blend typically comes in a 50/25/25 ratio, making it incredibly soft and comfortable, while ensuring the garment remains breathable, resistant to stretching, and less susceptible to wrinkles.

Next Level 6010 vs Bella+Canvas 3413c

In the tri-blend category, both Bella+Canvas 3413c and Next Level 6010 offer several shared features, reinforcing their commitment to quality:

  • Fabric Composition: Both tees share the same tri-blend ratio, amalgamating 50% cotton, 25% polyester, and 25% rayon. This ensures that the fabric remains soft, resilient, and drapes beautifully on the wearer.
  • Fabric Quality: The use of ring-spun cotton in both tees guarantees a finer, smoother, and more durable yarn, leading to a more luxurious feel against the skin.
  • Preparation: To ensure longevity in fit and form, both shirts are pre-shrunk. This ensures that the tees maintain their shape, size, and feel, even after multiple washes.
  • Construction Details: Consistent with their other offerings, both Bella+Canvas and Next Level incorporate shoulder-to-shoulder taping in their tri-blend tees, reinforcing the garment’s structure and enhancing its fit.
  • Comfort Considerations: Acknowledging the nuances of wearer comfort, both brands have integrated tear-away tags, eliminating potential sources of irritation.

Sueded: Next Level 6410 vs Bella+Canvas 3301c

The sueded tee is characterized by its unique manufacturing process. By brushing the cotton/poly blend during production, the fabric achieves a softness that is often described as ‘beyond compare’. Many aficionados of this material swear by its velvety touch, asserting it to be the pinnacle of tactile pleasure in the realm of t-shirts.

Next Level 6410 vs Bella+Canvas 3301c

Both Bella+Canvas’s 3301c and Next Level’s 6410, while distinct in their brand identities, have some notable commonalities in the sueded category:

  • Pricing: Reflecting their premium quality, both tees are similarly priced. This ensures customers get value for their money, irrespective of their brand choice.
  • Fabric Composition and Weight: Both shirts are crafted from a cotton/poly blend and have comparable fabric weights. While Bella+Canvas 3301c weighs 4.3 oz, Next Level 6410 is marginally lighter at 4.2 oz. This similarity ensures a consistent level of comfort and breathability.
  • Fabric Quality: With a fabric rating of 32 singles, both tees guarantee exceptional softness. This specification implies that the yarns are fine and tightly woven, yielding a smooth, luxurious surface ideal for those who prioritize comfort.
  • Preparation: Recognizing the importance of longevity and consistent fit, both shirts are pre-shrunk. This attention to detail ensures that they retain their form and feel, even after numerous wash cycles.
  • Construction Details: Both brands, staying true to their commitment to quality, incorporate shoulder-to-shoulder taping in their sueded tees, ensuring a superior fit and drape.
  • Comfort Considerations: With customer comfort at the forefront, both tees come with tear-away tags, eradicating potential irritants and enhancing the overall wearing experience.

CVC V-neck: Next Level 6240 vs Bella+Canvas 3005c

CVC’s nomenclature indicates its predominant cotton content. Typically, these tees embrace a 60/40 cotton to polyester ratio, although this can vary. The allure of CVC tees lies in their blend, which while being budget-friendly, still mirrors some of the admired attributes of the more premium tri-blends and 50/50 cotton-poly blends.

Next Level 6240 vs Bella+Canvas 3005c

Despite their distinct brand personalities, both Bella+Canvas’s 3005c and Next Level’s 6240 have several overlapping traits in the CVC V-neck category:

  • Heathered Appearance: A slight heathered texture, resulting from the intermingling of cotton and polyester fibers, gives both tees a visually appealing and stylish finish.
  • Fabric Quality: Leveraging combed, ring-spun cotton with a fabric rating of 32 singles ensures that both shirts provide a superior softness and smooth surface. The finer yarns result in a tighter weave that is soft to the touch and elevates the overall wearing experience.
  • Construction Details: Both brands, in line with their unwavering commitment to quality, integrate shoulder-to-shoulder taping in their CVC V-neck tees. This enhances the shirt’s structure, offering a more refined fit and contour.
  • Comfort Considerations: Both shirts feature tear-away tags, underscoring the brands’ commitment to optimizing user comfort by removing potential irritants.
  • Pre-Treatment: In a bid to ensure longevity and consistent fit, both tees are pre-laundered. This step drastically curtails the potential for shrinkage, ensuring the shirts remain true to size even after repeated washes.

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Navigating theĀ Next Level vs Bella Canvas debate can be a challenge, given how both brands have carved niches for themselves at the pinnacle of the premium blank apparel sector. Their commitment to quality, style, and innovation has made their products strikingly similar, ensuring customers always receive top-notch apparel regardless of their choice.

But how do you decide which one aligns more closely with your style? With Ricardo Seco Shop, you’re not just choosing a tee; you’re investing in an experience. Embark on this sartorial journey with us and redefine your style statement.