Gildan Vs Hanes: Which Brand Is Right For Your Lifestyle?

Ricardo Seco 11 Oct, 2023 Blog

When it comes to choosing the perfect tee-shirt, two names often surface in the conversation: Gildan vs Hanes. These brands have become synonymous with comfort, durability, and affordability. But how do they measure up against each other? In the great Gildan vs Hanes debate, there’s more than meets the eye. This blog post aims to dissect the various shirt models offered by both brands, helping you decide which tee-shirt is the best for you.

What is Gildan vs Hanes?

When it comes to the apparel industry, two names often dominate discussions about t-shirts: Gildan vs Hanes. Both brands have a long-standing history and an expansive global presence, yet they offer distinct advantages and disadvantages that make them uniquely appealing to different consumer demographics.

Origin and Manufacturing Gildan vs Hanes

  • Hanes: Founded in 1900, Hanes is an American brand offering a range of clothing styles for men, women, and children. However, t-shirts remain its best-selling item. Though the brand is American, it outsources much of its manufacturing overseas, primarily to countries in South America and Asia.
  • Gildan: On the other hand, Gildan, founded in 1984, is a Canadian brand that has expanded its presence globally. Much of the cotton used by the brand is sourced from the U.S., but the manufacturing is done in various countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, and the Dominican Republic.

Advantages of Gildan vs Hanes T-Shirts

Gildan and Hanes are two of the most popular t-shirt brands in the world. Both brands offer a wide variety of t-shirts at affordable prices. However, there are some key differences between the two brands

gildan or hanes


  • Color Options: Hanes provides a rich palette of colors to choose from.
  • Fabric Quality: Hanes is known for its 100% cotton tees, offering hypoallergenic and highly breathable options.
  • Affordable: The brand has positioned itself as an affordable option without sacrificing quality.
  • Comfort: Hanes shirts offer a true-to-size, roomy fit.
  • Tag-Free: Unlike many other brands, Hanes avoids attaching label tags to its t-shirts, enhancing comfort and ease of customization.


  • High-Quality Materials: Gildan also offers 100% cotton shirts as well as quality cotton/polyester blends.
  • Lightweight: Gildan shirts are designed to be lightweight, providing comfort on hot days.
  • Diverse Colors: Gildan even outdoes Hanes when it comes to color options.
  • Pre-Shrunk Fabric: The fabric used in Gildan shirts is pre-shrunk, reducing the likelihood of shrinkage post-washing.
  • Size and Style Variety: Gildan caters to a wide range of body types with various sizes and styles.
  • Budget-Friendly: Gildan tees are affordable, giving you value for your money.

Disadvantages of Gildan vs Hanes T-Shirts

While Gildan and Hanes t-shirts have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages.


  • Offshore Manufacturing: Although Hanes adheres to strict quality standards, some consumers are skeptical about products made in South America and Asia.
  • Competitive Pricing: There are brands that offer similar quality t-shirts at slightly cheaper rates than Hanes.


  • Tags: Unlike Hanes, Gildan does include tags at the collar, which some users find uncomfortable.
  • Material Thickness: Some consumers find the fabric in most Gildan shirts to be on the lighter side, which could be a downside if you prefer thicker materials.

Different Shirt Models of Hanes vs Gildan 

When it comes to selecting the perfect t-shirt, two industry giants—Hanes vs Gildan—often come into the spotlight. Both offer a wide variety of options that serve multiple purposes, from casual summer wear to performance-driven sportswear. Below, we break down some of their most popular t-shirt models to guide your next purchase.

Hanes T-Shirt Models

Hanes t-shirts are a popular choice for everyday wear. They are comfortable, affordable, and available in a variety of styles.

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Hanes 100% Cotton Originals Men’s T-Shirt

A classic staple, this Hanes t-shirt is constructed from 100% U.S.-grown cotton, which is both breathable and soft to the touch. Its double-needle stitched armholes maintain the shirt’s shape, while its range of colors offers ample choices for consumers.

Hanes Sport™ Men’s Cool DRI® Performance T-Shirt

This lightweight, 100% polyester t-shirt wicks moisture to keep you dry. It also features UV protection, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Given its moisture-wicking capabilities and color retention, it stands out as a top choice for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hanes Unisex ComfortWash® Garment Dyed Short Sleeve Tee

Made from soft, 100% ringspun cotton that’s pre-shrunk, this Hanes shirt ensures both comfort and durability. Additional features like a sewn label and a ribbed set-in collar add to the shirt’s comfort quotient.

Hanes Beefy-T Adult Pocket T-Shirt

The Beefy-T is a heavyweight option that’s been popular for over four decades. Depending on your choice of color, it’s made from either 100% cotton jersey or a cotton/polyester blend. Its roomy fit adds an extra layer of comfort, appealing to those looking for more breathable options.

Hanes Originals Men’s T-Shirt with Pocket, Tri-Blend

This tri-blend shirt combines polyester, cotton, and rayon, offering a perfect blend of breathability, moisture-wicking, and flexibility. Its added pocket feature enhances functionality, catering to those with active lifestyles.

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Gildan T-Shirt Models

Gildan is a leading manufacturer of blank t-shirts. They offer a wide variety of t-shirts for men, women, and children, at affordable prices.

gildan beefy tee

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

This heavyweight shirt offers a comfortable cotton fabric that is perfect for custom tees for teams, given its broad color and size range. Its affordability makes it a go-to for bulk purchases.

Gildan DryBlend T-Shirt

This lightweight t-shirt features a balanced 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, capable of moisture-wicking and quick drying. Despite its quality, the shirt remains an affordable option, available in a myriad of colors.

Gildan Softstyle V-Neck T-Shirt

For those who favor V-neck over crewneck, this t-shirt offers a 100% ringspun fabric with a semi-fitted design, making it versatile for different body types.

Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% Cotton T-Shirt

This summer-friendly tee is made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable for both hot and cool climates. Notably, it has excellent color retention even after multiple washes.

Gildan Performance T-Shirt

Designed for those with an active lifestyle, this 100% polyester jersey knit t-shirt is excellent for moisture absorption and quick drying. The shirt also offers anti-odor properties and is stretchy enough for unrestricted movement.

Which T-Shirt Is Best For You?

Selecting the ideal t-shirt may seem like a straightforward endeavor, but when you’re faced with diverse options from quality brands like Hanes and Gildan, the choice can become more complicated than you’d think. In essence, the best tee-shirt for you is not merely a matter of brand loyalty, but an intersection of your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

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Affordability vs. Premium Feel

If affordability tops your list of priorities, you might find Gildan to be your match. This brand is well-known for producing t-shirts that are not only pocket-friendly but also made from quality materials. Whether you’re looking to buy in bulk for a team or simply want to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank, Gildan offers a wide array of options. You don’t have to compromise on quality even when you’re watching your pennies.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest a little more for a more premium look and feel, Hanes may be your brand of choice. Known for their focus on comfort and fabric quality, Hanes t-shirts often feel luxurious against the skin. The brand offers a variety of options that range from 100% U.S.-grown cotton to specialized blends that offer moisture-wicking and UV protection.

Diverse Needs, Diverse Offerings

Depending on where you live or the current season, you might opt for lighter or heavier t-shirts. Gildan’s Ultra Cotton T-Shirt is a heavyweight option ideal for cooler temperatures, whereas the Hanes Sport™ Men’s Cool DRI® Performance T-Shirt is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for hotter climates.

Some people prefer the classic look of a crewneck, while others may opt for a more modern V-neck. Again, both brands provide you with options to suit your aesthetic preferences. Hanes offers everything from traditional crewnecks to more modern designs, while Gildan offers a plethora of choices in a rainbow of colors.

In the final analysis, choosing between Gildan and Hanes boils down to your individual needs and preferences, be it affordability, fabric quality, or style. With brands like Ricardo Seco Shop also offering unique designs, the tee-shirt landscape is rich with options.

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